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Adult Merchant Accounts

Adult businesses have always held a unique niche in the market, and adult websites have become incredibly popular over recent years.  Despite these facts, it is still a struggle for these businesses to find reputable adult merchant accounts.  Adult credit card processing is one of the most difficult types to secure, for two main reasons:

1) Adult transactions are typically controversial; so many companies choose not to work with them for personal reasons.

2) An adult merchant account is considered a "high risk" account.  While these businesses can be incredibly lucrative, there are also certain dangers involved.

Even those companies that are willing to work with adult businesses often require substantial fees to do so.  It is not uncommon for highly profitable businesses to pay five percent, while those that are not as successful may be asked to pay upwards of seven percent.

That being said, it is far from impossible to find secure solutions, including adult website credit card processing solutions.  Let us act as the example of that, as we are happy to provide you with an adult merchant account to meet the specific needs of your company.

Some adult service providers work with regular, ongoing credit card payments.  Others are centered on single purchases or one-time payments.  Others, still, cater to both types of transactions.  No matter your need, we can set up the appropriate adult merchant accounts.

Take a look below to see more of the features and benefits of our adult merchant services.

• We cater to US-based businesses, as well as international.

• We can arrange adult credit card processing for merchant-owned entities, as well as third-party arrangements.

• We can help you get lower rates than typical adult merchant account holders.

• We keep our policies flexible so we can work with you and your specific needs.

• We address issues of risk with a can-do attitude, rather than running away from them.  We use the most advanced defense technology, especially for adult website credit card processing, including fraud protection and chargeback solutions.

• We don't view our adult merchant accounts as second rate clients.  We strive to provide all of our customers with quick service, full support, and reliable assistance.

• We are speedy!  Once you have submitted your application, we can offer a response within three business days.  Once it is accepted, your merchant account can be up and running in less than two days.

The sooner you start, the sooner you can start your adult credit
card processing!

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