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Credit Card Processing & Merchant Account Services

Credit Card Merchant Accounts

The first-world economy is no longer one based on cash.  Plastic currently drives purchases, be it by debit or credit card.  Any business looking for considerable success in this environment must secure credit card merchant services in order to accept these types of payments.

Credit card merchant accounts are not typically difficult to secure for those businesses that are based on in-person sales.  A local grocery mart, for example, should have no trouble finding an acquiring bank to secure reliable credit card processing services.

Those businesses that are based online, however, are a completely different story.  The nature of online businesses makes them associated with high levels of risk and danger.  Like any other Card Not Present (CNP) transactions, such as telephone or mail orders, finding a trusted source of merchant credit card processing for online payments can be a bit of a challenge.

Many credit card merchant accounts will not be approved for high risk businesses, but that is not the case with us.  We proudly offer online credit card merchant services to businesses of all types, welcoming the opportunity to help you meet your potential for success.

The fees and rates associated with online credit card processing services are going to be slightly higher than those of traditional merchant credit card processing services; however, they are put to good use.  We offer each of our clients the highest standard of quality and dedication possible, using each relationship as a possibility for mutual success.

We also understand that the world of credit card processing services can be an overwhelming one.  The rules and regulations of this industry are complex and confusing, but we want to be there to guide you through it. 

Not only does our staff take pride in providing safe and reliable credit card merchant accounts, but we strive for speed and efficiency to make everyone's lives easier.  We can have an account secured within five business days of your application, and offer consistent approval and deposit of payments within 48 hours.

If you are planning on starting an internet business, we are the people you want to talk with to help get your payment structure in place.  Similarly, if you are an offline business that is hoping to move your products and services online as well, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you do that quickly and conveniently.

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