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E-commerce is the word of the millennium, with the popularity of the internet and online businesses consistently growing over the last 12 years.  It is now possible to purchase everything you could possibly want from the convenience of a computer, and e-commerce is what makes that possible.

If you own a business, especially an online business, and you do not have an e-commerce merchant account, your chances of success are slim to none.  Ecommerce merchant accounts are what allow you to accept debit and credit card payments over the internet, rather than relying on cash or check transactions.

Ecommerce credit card processing services are absolutely necessary if you plan on selling products or services online.  Whether your business is based solely over the internet, or you have an in-person business with online purchasing options, is irrelevant.  Either scenario requires to creation and use of a safe and reliable internet merchant account.

Ecommerce merchant accounts are often considered to be among those accounts that are "high risk."  High risk accounts are typically associated with more dangers than other types of accounts, and so present additional challenges to account providers.

The nature of an internet merchant account suggests that transactions will be made when the credit card is not present.  The potential for trouble in Card Not Present (CNP) transactions is much higher than that of other types of transactions, and so many merchant account providers choose not to work with these businesses.

There are others, however, such as us, who welcome the opportunity to open ecommerce merchant accounts.  We have the knowledge and experience to handle ecommerce credit card processing challenges with finesse and efficiency.

We don't view "high risk" accounts as something to avoid, but rather something to embrace.  Online businesses are some of the most lucrative, despite the risks involved, and there is incredible opportunity for success with these types of transactions.

An e-commerce merchant account will have higher rates and fees than other, similar accounts, but they also come with solid services.  The rates are designed to make up for the high risk involved, but they also account for the high standard of quality that we put into our e-commerce client relationships.  We will always be there for you when challenges arise, working through them with speed and efficiency to ensure a smooth and convenient experience for you.

E-commerce, or electronic commerce, is a driving force of success for many businesses.  Most customers will begin their purchasing hunt online, whether it's simple product research, location searches or searching with the intent to purchase from the computer.

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