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Credit Card Processing & Merchant Account Services
Merchant Accounts
OrbitalPay has direct banking relationships in place to ensure the best possible rates for your business.

International Merchant Accounts
OrbitalPay has international banking relationships to help with offshore processing

OrbitalPay Gateway
The OrbitalPay Gateway is a robust product enabling the ability to bill through multiple accounts with just one gateway admin.

OrbitalPay Gateway Costs
Flat rate of .35 per transaction or .65 with customer service, which also includes advanced fraud controls. A $19.95 monthly gateway fee and a one-time $99.95 set-up fee as well as.

Payment Options in addition to credit cards
OrbitalPay accepts ACH as well as many other additional payment methods.

Check Processing Features
ACH is available for all business types/size merchants. ACH processing has ALL the reporting and other features of the system, with a major benefit being that everything is centrally located in one place.

Merchant Control
The OrbitalPay merchant owns and controls all customers’ data. There are djustable fraud controls and settings, custom payment forms, and customizable email receipts. With a direct merchant account you set your refund and cancellation policies.

OrbitalPay Administrative Reporting Capabilities
Administration area reporting includes multiple level reporting. Standard reports, member retention reports and customizable reporting, all in real time. The admin also has customizable exporting capabilities.

Processor Compliance
OrbitalPay allows for database imports of your data provided they are within PCI guidelines.

Payouts and Settlements
OrbitalPay makes daily deposits provided you have daily transactions directly into your business checking account.

Risk Management Services
OrbitalPay employs some of the best risk management executives in the business and will be happy to take a look at your business with you.

Fraud Scrubbing
AVS, CCV and ALL fraud controls included with multiple settings for each option. We will train you on how to customize each setting if you would like to change from the default setting in the online administration area.

Customer Service
Our experienced staff will handle all of your customers’ inquiries. OrbitalPay customer support accepts phone calls and emails 24/7/365 for all types of billing inquiries, technical difficulties, or whatever your need may be.

Affiliate Management Support
The OrbitalPay Gateway and Merchant Accounts can easily be integrated with NATS, MPA3 and many other programs via our API.

Shopping Cart Integration
OrbitalPay has plug ins available for the most popular shopping cart programs including X-Cart, OSCommerce, etc. Application Programming Interface is easily integrated to ANY shopping cart program.

Gateway and Merchant Account Transaction Speeds
OrbitalPay transactions are processed with no lag time, 1-2 seconds maximum, with real time reporting and notifications.

PCI Compliant
OrbitalPay is fully PCI compliant and strives to ensure our clients are too.

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