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With the incredible success of the internet and, in particular, internet sales, the need for internet merchant accounts is higher than ever.  In fact, it is commonly considered a grave business mistake if you cannot offer customers an outlet for internet purchasing.

Unlike in-store transactions where cash and check are easily accepted, the internet requires the specific use of debit or credit cards.  Internet credit card processing can be very risky, requiring a reliable internet merchant account to meet the specific needs of web-based transactions.

Like other Card Not Present (CNP) sales, the rates for an internet merchant account are going to be slightly higher than others.  There are some other key differences to this type of account, including the concept of a "virtual" shopping cart, and securing safe web-based payment platforms.

How Does an Internet Merchant Account Work?

Like other types of merchant accounts, internet merchant accounts are linked to bank accounts.  These bank accounts, linked to what is commonly referred to as "acquiring banks," allow for convenient internet credit card processing.

When a purchase is made over your website, the transaction request will be sent to the acquiring bank.  It will then be approved or declined.  Upon approval, business funds will be transferred from your internet merchant account into your business' official checking account.

If the transaction is declined, on the other hand, a notice will be posted on the payment page.  Transactions are not often declined, but when they are it is likely to be for your own protection.

Challenges and Solutions Related to Internet Merchant Accounts

Internet credit card processing can be a tricky business, and not everyone is approved for a solid merchant account.  The dangers associated with online transactions are greater than those in person, and finding a reliable source of processing payments can be difficult.

Like other types of accounts that are considered "high risk," we view internet merchant accounts as a welcome challenge.  We are confident in our ability to provide clients with trustworthy credit card processing, and we take the lead in offering solutions to protect against fraud and hackers.

The solid foundation of our internet credit card processing services means that we are more equipped to handle potential challenges than many of our competitors.  We trust in our ability to keep your business' e-commerce running smoothly and securely, and our customer service representatives will work closely with you to make sure that all of your needs are being met.

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