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Payment Processing

OrbitalPay’s feature-rich gateway service provides the capabilities you need to create or complete your credit card processing solution. The OrbitalPay Gateway is a flexible solution that works with any of the OrbitalPay banking partners, enabling international and domestic billing.

The OrbitalPay Gateway products allows you to process any major credit cards that the merchant account accepts quickly and most important, securely. You are able to accept transactions online, manually, using a virtual terminal and even through recurring billing. The OrbitalPay Gateway was designed to help you, the client, enable your customers to pay all transactions quickly and securely.

The OrbitalPay Gateway features real-time reporting, member reports, fraud lists, customer contact lists, ROI and profit reports. The online administration area features tools for affiliates and webmasters, enabling the management of customer databases and reporting features.

Features and Benefits

Full-featured payment gateway based on leading technology

• Complete range of currencies and payment options

• Insight on trends to help you better navigate the market

• Committed to providing excellent service to every client

• Comprehensive credit card, online check and alternative payment options

• Multi-currency and geo-targeting support to reach customers worldwide

• Insightful reporting and analytics to help you better manage your business

• Member management and retention tools to maximize your customer base

• Integration with leading affiliate programs, including NATS and MPA3

• Unparalleled chargeback management

• Immediate chargeback notification

• High throughput and conversion rates

• 24/7/365 support for you and your customers

• 99.999% uptime with 100% redundancy

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