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Check out some of the reasons why we’ve been a trusted payments partner for the adult industry and online dating for more than 25 years! We offer savings, security, and experience your business can rely on to support and serve your customers.

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Merchant Accounts
OrbitalPay has direct banking relationships in place to ensure the best possible rates for your business.
International Merchant Accounts
OrbitalPay has international banking relationships to help with offshore processing.
OrbitalPay Gateway
The OrbitalPay Gateway enables billing through multiple accounts with just one gateway admin.
Multiple Payment Types
OrbitalPay accepts payments via multiple credit card types and ACH, with options to pay online, through a virtual terminal, and through recurring billing.
PCI Compliant
OrbitalPay provides day one PCI Compliance.
Risk Management Services
OrbitalPay has 25+ years of experience protecting merchants in adult and online dating from fraud and risk.
Fraud Scrubbing
AVS, CCV and ALL fraud controls included.
Merchant Control
OrbitalPay merchants own and control all of their customers’ data, with adjustable fraud controls and settings, custom payment forms, and customizable email receipts. You can also set your refund and cancellation policies.
Customer Service
Our experienced in-house staff will handle all of your customers’ inquiries. OrbitalPay customer support accepts phone calls and emails 24/7/365 for all types of billing inquiries, technical difficulties, and more.
Reporting & Analytics
Administration area reporting includes multiple level reporting, standard reports, customizable exporting, member retention reports, and customizable reporting, all in real time. 
Payouts and Settlements
OrbitalPay payout options include daily deposits
Shopping Cart Integration
OrbitalPay has plug-ins available for the most popular shopping cart programs and APIs for easy integration into shopping cart programs.
Gateway and Merchant Account Transaction
OrbitalPay transactions are processed with no lag time, 1-2 seconds maximum, with real time reporting and notifications.
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We give businesses in the adult industry and online dating more ways to take payments as well as robust tools for reporting, security, and fraud and risk support.

For more information call (888) 776-8801 or email info@orbitalpay.com.

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